Asvik Ball Valves with assured resistance to chemical corrosion and compatibility to all types of fluids are the product of VORA group of industries, one of country's leading manufactures of Industrial Valves and are ideally suited for process applications



The unsurpassed performance and dependability of Asvik Valves are the culmination of up-to-date technical know-how combined with its modern automated system of production which is the latest in the valve industries o-day.

Asvik Ball Valves are available in several selected series of design and construction as illustrated elsewhere in this catalogue offering all factors essential Valves viz. The highest performance, moderate pricing and minimised length of time for delivery




The single piece, two piece & three piece Asvik Ball Valves are two-way flow and are designed to seal on the downstream resilient seat while under pressure. The Ball, which is mirror finished with sphericity maintained at ± 0.02mm and a surface finish 0.8 micron, is of floating type design. The wiping action cleans any foreign material away from both the seat and the ball thus assuring positive sealing.





The stem is bottom-entry thus ensuring utmost safety. the shell pressure helps in achieving the seal unlike in top-entry designs.The stem shoulder is separated from the body shoulder with a filled PTFE stem bearing. A pair of Belleville washers compensate the normal wear PTFE stem seals.



Normally, Asvik Ball Valves are fitted with externals made of cadmium plated steel. For hazardous atmospheres, stainless steel externals are available on request.